Workplace Behaviour

Help or Hinder

Is unhelpful or unacceptable behaviour getting in the way of you focusing on business matters?

Do the same people, or the same topics, come up in the organisation that are causing concern?

Are you looking for practical guidance for day to day behaviours, raise greater awareness and responsibility, and ensure leaders set the right tone?

Perhaps you looking to develop your managers or senior leaders across a range of interpersonal and management skills?

Focusing on workplace behaviour can help deliver:


Ensure unacceptable comments and behaviours are tackled quickly.



Understand how to balance a relaxed workplace, with professionalism, and understanding.


With values, policies, teams, managers, senior staff, and HR when needed.


Sharing ideas, or issues, without fear of comment, criticism, or harassment.


Awareness of impact, acceptable acts, levels of responsibility, and accountability.


Creating change, psychological safety, team dynamics, quality leadership.

Understanding, Managing, & Reacting To Unhelpful or Unacceptable Language, Comments, Behaviours

Whether firm wide, teams, or individuals, typically there are two challenges.

The first is where individuals are permitted to behave without redress, and this behaviour can escalate from borderline risk, to more serious situations. Or where teams or a firm’s culture can lose it boundaries, through confusion, of what is and is not acceptable behaviour, language, humour, and more. This then can cause discomfort, lack of productivity, and then escalate into absences, complaints of bullying, discrimination, and harassment, resignation and claims. Such behaviours are not always intentional.

The former, in dealing with specific individuals, might include training for managers focusing on how to handle challenging conversations, in conjunction with their understanding the support they will get from the business in doing so.

The latter, in dealing with cultures and teams, the training might include:

1 –  Understanding that there is a way to create boundaries, and expectations, around language, leadership styles, approaches, tones, behaviours, jokes or flippant comments, that can naturally arise from a more informal working atmosphere.

2 – Identifying specific examples of unacceptable tones, aggressive behaviours, unhelpful leadership styles, and unexpected unhelpful day to day habitual behaviours. Identifying how unconscious bias can be unhelpful for teams to work together. Noticing where it can be dealt with quickly with ease, preventing it from escalating to potential claims of bullying, discrimination, or sexual harassment.

3 – What is needed to create safe and supportive environments to allow individuals to speak up or respond.

4 – Understanding personal or leadership responsibility and accountability.

5 – Setting the tone from the bottom up and the top down.

6 – Skill training to create greater confidence in having immediate conversations in a relaxed yet assertive manner, through to more challenging conversations.

7 – HR or Management skill training as needed for handling grievance processesses, disciplinary meetings, and managing claims.

9 – Opportunities and guidance on ongoing maintenance, and following up.

10 – Supportive and neutral subsequent coaching, as needed, for individuals that would prefer additional one-to-one support for changing past behaviours or leadership skills.

Who is it for and what does it include?

This sessions are suitable for teams within a business, or firm wide, who wants to develop awareness, or tackle, unacceptable behaviour at work.

Whilst bullying or sexual harassment is often the greatest concern for businesses, that behaviour is rarely isolated, and often develops from other behaviours. By creating new awareness, bringing it to life with real scenarios, and gaining buy in from staff and managers alike, the potential for these claims are reduced. Alongside developing a more inclusive culture and one with greater psychological safety.

What does it include?

The day involves legal, hr, and behavioural skills training. For all staff, for understanding their own behaviours and day to day responsibilities. Through to additional elements for senior managers, partners, boards, and CEO’s.

Creating new awareness of where aggressive, risky, or unpleasant behaviours left unchecked, can escalate. Or where comments, humour, swearing, relaxed conversations, can also tip into bullying or harassment claims.

Alongside practical exercises, and interactive discussions, delegates leave with greater confidence of what unacceptable behaviour looks like, how to prevent it, tackle it (within their level of responsibility), and action plans for personal implementation.

Workplace & HR Training

Additional Training Days or Sessions Include:

1 – Handling Challenging Conversations and Managing People Within the Law – Guiding managers to understand your policies, gain buy in to take responsibility for supporting their staff, and upskilling handling difficult conversations. Handling Challenging Conversations is also a standalone training session for all levels of roles and responsibilities.

2 – Leadership Development – Understanding the role, responsibilities, and creating new skills, for those new to leadership, management, or team roles.

3 – Career Development – Supporting employees to start to plan and develop their career paths.

4 – Transforming Meetings – Converting meetings into valuable, high quality, and productive meetings. Bring teams together and changing the culture.

5 – HR. Leadership, & Management Training – A variety of training is available on request.

Workplace Behaviour

Return On Investment

Whilst there are various tools out there, many businesses choose the following:

  • comparison of before and after surveys on self-rated behaviours or culture
  • tracking employee retention, grievances, and absences
  • fewer serious disciplinary matters or dismissals
  • an overall litmus test of the firm’s culture and atmosphere


Transforming Meetings





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